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CBD Oil Processing

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CBD Oil Processing
Step 1
To grind the dry hemp into 20-40 meshes powder by using cursher. 
Step 2
Extract by supercritical co2 extraction machine to get CBD paste. 
Step 3
Mix CBD paste with ethanol and freeze for 24hours-36hours. 

Hemp Powder

CO2 Extractor to get CBD paste


Step 4
By using vacuum filter to remove wax from CBD paste and ethanol mixture
Step 5
By using rotary evaporator to remove ethanol 
Step 6
Molecular Distillation / Short path distillation equipment to get full spectrum CBD oil. 
Step 7
HPLC System to remove THC from CBD full spectrum oil
Step 8
Nutsche filter dryer to get CBD isolate


Ethanol removing

Molecular distillation

HPLC System

Nutsche Filter dryer

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