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  • Q Is caffeine soluble in liquid co2?

    A Supercritical CO2 helps act as a solvent to give the coffee bean solvent-like properties to dissolve the caffeine and extract it out of the coffee bean. Because it has a lower viscosity than liquid CO2, allowing it to move through and around the coffee bean more efficiently without too much pressure.
  • Q Is co2 extraction organic?

    A CO2 Botanical Extracts are completely natural and exceptionally pure. These highly concentrated plant extracts are free of solvent residues and impurities such as heavy metals. All CO2 Extracts are oil soluble.
  • Q Why is co2 better than ethanol?

    A CO2 is highly tunable. With CO2 you can vary factors such as time, temperature, and pressure to create different products.  Ethanol products need to go into more stages of refinement to be turned into various products such as distillate.
  • Q Does co2 extraction remove terpenes?

    A CO2 extraction is good for preserving terpenes because it is a cold separation process that can protect delicate plant compounds. Some methods may also use ethanol to help remove terpenes before fully extracting cannabis buds.
  • Q Is co2 extraction better?

    A CO2 extraction is also much better for the environment. CO2 gas is natural, so if it escapes into the air during  extraction it won't do any harm. It can also be recycled, making this method much more sustainable. Since the solvent isn't toxic, people working with this extraction method don't face any health risks.
  • Q What is full spectrum co2 oil?

    A Full spectrum extracts, often called whole plant extracts, maintain the full profile of the cannabis plant. They contain a variety of cannabinoids, including THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBG, and CBN, as well as terpenes and other compounds such as flavonoids, proteins, phenols, sterols, and esters.
  • Q Is co2 extracted CBD oil safe?

    A CO2 extraction is also a safe and effective way to make medical-quality full spectrum CBD oil. It remains one of the most popular cannabis extraction methods in the industry, thanks to the combination of safety and cost-effectiveness.
  • Q Does supercritical co2 extraction kill mold?

    A A major benefit of supercritical co2 extraction is that the process kills any microbial bacteria, mold or mildew on the plant which guarantees the extract will be healthier for consumption. Supercritical co2 extraction is a gold standard when it comes to concentrating cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Q How does supercritical co2 extraction work?

    A To perform an extraction, the plant material must be ground and placed into an extraction vessel. CO2 gas undergoes high temperature and pressure. A pump then forces supercritical co2 into the extraction vessel where it meets the plant and breaks the trichomes allowing it to dissolve part of the plant material.
  • Q How will you pack my order, can you provide installation services?

    A The package is Plywood box. We will assemble and test the machine before packaging.
    Installation: We will send the English manual after you purchase. If the customer needs, we will send an engineer to assemble and train the workers. For $80 per person per day, food, accommodation.
  • Q Can we conduct an extraction test before buying?

    A Yes, sure, we can do extraction test with your raw material and send you videos and pictures for your reference.
  • Q Can the CO2 be reused?

    A YES. CO2 can be used in circulation.
  • Q What material can you process with this machine?

    A Our Supercritical CO2 extract machine is widely used in extracting HEMP oil, wheat embryo oil, fish oil, CBD oil, THC oil, tobacco essential oil, Arteannuin, Sundrops oil, Gingerol, Pepper haematochrome, Hops oil etc.
  • Q Can your machine meet our exacly need?

    A We have 29 years manufacturing experience in this line.Our strong technical support can generally operate stably for more than twenty years.Stable performance of our machine, used customers with a renewal rate of 95% or more.High cost performance of the machine, lower price for the same configuration, same performance.After-sales service can be done 7*24 hours, customer service + technical service, timely service in place, users will be assured.
  • Q What's the Shipping Time if I place an order?

    A Generally it's 20-25 working days for order reaches 1 x 20' Containder.
  • Q How can I control the Quality of the goods?

    A Our QC term is professional to ensure our quality product and continuous marketing, your satisfaction is our power for development. You can arrange the 3rd party inspection company for inspection, after production finished.
  • Q Warranty of supercritical co2 extraction machine?

    A 3 year warranty period for whole machine except of tubes and human factors etc, and 36-month of after-sale service from the date when you receive machine or 36 months when installation finished.

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