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What are the technical applications of co2 extraction machine?

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With the development of science and technology, co2 extraction machine is widely used. This paper mainly introduces the technical applications of co2 extraction machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Application of co2 extraction machine in food industry

  • Oil extraction and separation by co2 extraction machine

  • Co2 extraction machine is used to extract the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine


1.        Application of co2 extraction machine in food industry

The application of co2 extraction machine in food industry is developing rapidly and has gained a stable position.At present, a series of high quality food additives with high added value such as natural flavor, pigment and flavor have appeared in the domestic and foreign markets.The application of co2 extraction machine in China's food industry has gradually turned from laboratory research to industrialization, focusing on the extraction of animal and plant oils, pigments, flavors and deodorization of food.


2.        Oil extraction and separation by co2 extraction machine

The extraction of oil by co2 extraction machine has a high recovery rate and can adjust extraction conditions to achieve selective separation of unsaturated fatty acids and other components. Gopalan studied the extraction of ginger oil from ginger using a co2 extraction machine. Chen kaixun et al. studied the optimal extraction conditions of tea seed oil by co2 extraction machine. Liu songyi et al. studied the supercritical CO2 extraction of wheat germ oil and explored the influence of pressure, temperature, time and flow rate on the extraction rate, and obtained the optimal process conditions: pressure 20MPa, temperature 35% flow rate 4L/min.Compared with solvent method, the oleic acid value of sea-buckthorn oil obtained by zhang suhua by co2 extraction machine extraction and separation is lower. Wei-zhong lv with co2 extraction machine extraction from soybean crude phospholipids extracted natural high purity lecithin, get the best technological conditions for extracting pressure 30 mpa, 50% extraction temperature, extraction time, 6 h, product purity of 98%, the residual oil content is 43%, the method is superior than the solvent method, high product quality, to open new avenues of development and comprehensive utilization of soybean resources.Fish oil contains a large number of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which has physiological activity of unsaturated fatty acids, as a functional food ingredients and compelling, its prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, atherosclerosis, improvement the action such as memory, improve intelligence, using supercritical fluid extraction of EPA and DHA from fish oil can be separated. Zhao yaping et al. obtained more than 90% EPA and DHA from fish oil by combining silver nitrate complexation with co2 extraction machine. Dai dongsheng extracted EPA from fungi with co2 extraction machine.Yin zhuorong used co2 extraction machine to extract linolenic acid from amaranth seeds and filamentous fungi. The water content of the material increased, the recovery rate decreased, and the recovery rate increased with the increase of pressure until saturation.In addition, co2 extraction machine can extract and separate Perilla fat oil from Perilla seeds, among which linolenic acid is the main component, which has a good role in regulating blood lipid and has no toxic side effects.


3.        Co2 extraction machine is used to extract the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, co2 extraction machine has attracted much attention due to its advantages of supercritical technology over traditional separation technology, the absence of harmful residual solvents in the extract, the mild operating conditions and the non-deactivation of bioactive substances. Currently, the extraction of effective pharmaceutical ingredients from plants and animals is still the focus of co2 extraction machine extraction technology in the pharmaceutical industry, including the analysis of medicinal ingredients and the concentration and refinement of crude products.The extract was extracted with supercritical co2 extraction machine can be directly from the single taste traditional Chinese medicine or compound extracting effective components from different parts of the traditional Chinese medicinal materials, also can be directly extracted herbal extract on screening of active ingredients, can greatly improve the filtering speed, co2 extraction machine can extract many traditional extraction and separation methods couldn't separate components, co2 extraction machine for new drug development, and with antioxidant, sterilization effect, to ensure and improve the quality of the product.

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