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What is the history of co2 extraction machine?

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The principle of the extraction and separation process of co2 extraction machine is that co2 extraction machine uses supercritical carbon dioxide to have a special dissolution effect on some special natural products, and the relationship between the dissolution capacity of supercritical carbon dioxide and its density is utilized, that is, the effect of pressure and temperature on the dissolution capacity of supercritical carbon dioxide. This article mainly introduces the history of co2 extraction machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The history of co2 extraction machine


Co2 extraction machine of the principle of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction separation process of co2 extraction machine using supercritical carbon dioxide for some special natural products with special solution, using supercritical carbon dioxide dissolving capacity and the relationship between the density, the use of pressure and temperature on the influence of supercritical carbon dioxide dissolving capacity. In the supercritical state, co2 extraction machine contacts supercritical carbon dioxide with the substance to be separated, enabling it to selectively extract the components with different polarity, boiling point and molecular weight successively. , of course, the co2 extraction machine corresponding to the pressure range of extract can't be a single, but can get the best proportion of mixture composition control condition, and then with the help of decompression, heating method of supercritical fluid into normal gas, by extraction substance is full or basic precipitation, thus achieve the purpose of separation and purification, so co2 extraction supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction process of the machine is made up by extraction and separation.


1.        The history of co2 extraction machine

Supercritical fluid has dissolve other substances have no special abilities, 1822 French doctor Cagniard found that supercritical fluid substance of critical phenomenon for the first time, and in 1879 was Hannay and Hogarth two scholars study found that inorganic salts can quickly dissolves in the supercritical ethanol, after decompression can immediately crystallization precipitation again.  But because of the technology, equipment is not mature, even in the 1930 s, Pilat and Gadlewicz two scientists just had the idea of "macromolecular compounds were extracted with liquefied gas.  In the 1950 s, the United States,Countries such as the su to supercritical propane remove the tar in the heavy oil and metals, such as nickel, vanadium, etc. , in the process of the lower segment chain solution after the deactivation of catalyst poisoning, but due to cost considerations, not all practical.  1954 Zosol confirmed with experimental method with co2 extraction machine in supercritical carbon dioxide extraction can extract oil grease.  Since then, the use of co2 extraction machine method for separation of silent for a period of time, late in the 70 s,The research and application of "co2 extraction machine", a new extraction and separation technology, made substantial progress after Stahl et al.  in Germany first made a breakthrough in the research on co2 extraction machine of high-pressure experimental device. In 1973 and 1978 after the first and the second energy crisis, supercritical carbon dioxide special dissolving ability, again brought to the attention of the industry.  1978 years later, Europe established in supercritical carbon dioxide extraction purification technology as extraction agent, to deal with a food factory of the ten million tons of products, such as supercritical carbon dioxide removal of caffeine in coffee beans, and the bitter taste of the beer in extract can spend on aroma components.  Supercritical fluid extraction (sfe) technology for nearly 30 years aroused people's great interest,This new chemical technology has been extensively and deeply studied in the fields of chemical reaction and separation and purification, and has made great progress in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, food and environmental protection.  After a series of studies, co2 extraction machine is now widely used in various fields.

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