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  • Q Is caffeine soluble in liquid co2?

    Supercritical CO2 helps act as a solvent to give the coffee bean solvent-like properties to dissolve the caffeine and extract it out of the coffee bean. Because it has a lower viscosity than liquid CO2, allowing it to move through and around the coffee bean more efficiently without too much pressure.
  • Q Is co2 extraction organic?

    CO2 Botanical Extracts are completely natural and exceptionally pure. These highly concentrated plant extracts are free of solvent residues and impurities such as heavy metals. All CO2 Extracts are oil soluble.
  • Q Why is co2 better than ethanol?

    CO2 is highly tunable. With CO2 you can vary factors such as time, temperature, and pressure to create different products.  Ethanol products need to go into more stages of refinement to be turned into various products such as distillate.
  • Q Does co2 extraction remove terpenes?

    CO2 extraction is good for preserving terpenes because it is a cold separation process that can protect delicate plant compounds. Some methods may also use ethanol to help remove terpenes before fully extracting cannabis buds.
  • Q Is co2 extraction better?

    CO2 extraction is also much better for the environment. CO2 gas is natural, so if it escapes into the air during  extraction it won't do any harm. It can also be recycled, making this method much more sustainable. Since the solvent isn't toxic, people working with this extraction method don't face any health risks.

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Rosemary Essential Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Rosemary Oil

  • Rosemary Oil


Product Description

Rosemary Essential Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is a kind of precious natural perfume plant, the growing season will send out a faint scent, has the effect of refreshing the heart. Its stem, leaf and flower have pleasant fragrance, the fragrant oil that flower and twig extract, can be used to deploy cosmetic raw material such as air cleaner, perfume, soap, the most famous make up water is made with rosemary, and can be used in beverage, skin care oil, hair growth agent, laundry cream.

supercritical essential oil

rosemary (1)

Product name 
Rosemary Essential Oil 
Dry Rosemary
Extract way 
Supercritical co2 Extraction Machine 
Therapeutic grade
Treating anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps

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Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

* HEALING ESSENTIAL OIL high-grade rosemary oil concentrate is steam distilled & unrefined. Nourish & invigorate hair and skin as well as boost brain function for men and women of all ages.
* SMOOTH RADIANT SKIN anti ageing astringent for face and body care. Helps heal acne scars & stretch marks while smoothing cellulite wrinkles & fine lines. Boosts circulation for skin health and wellness.
* THICK LUSTROUS HAIR strengthening revitalizing DHT blocker hair loss treatment boosts hair mask shampoo conditioner or beard oil for hair regrowth. Controls dandruff as it tames frizz for sleek hair.
* BOOST MENTAL FUNCTIONS pure rosemary oil boosts cognitive health especially concentration focus and memory retention. Energizing oil lifts mood fighting fatigue forgetfulness and aids in pain relief.
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Rosemary Essential oils more information:

1. For Hair:
Bid farewell to all your hair stresses with rosemary oil. It injects new life into diminishing hair, gives you thicker bolts, and helps treat dandruff. Moreover, this basic oil has additionally been found to invigorate hair development and treat alopecia.

2. For Thick Hair:
Hair development is a typical want for some ladies, even though the idea of hair loss is frequently a bad dream. Dynamic hair loss is likewise known to cause low confidence in people.
Rosemary is probably the best oil for upgrading hair development, which thickens the hair. The oil is accepted to increment cell digestion that invigorates hair development.

3. For Scalp:
Rosemary fundamental oil has been demonstrated to be successful in treating scalp conditions also including balding and dermatitis of the scalp. So it’s something to search for in your normal excellence items.
Normally treating your scalp with a mitigating, antibacterial, and hydrating treatment is an acceptable practice.

4. Treats Hair Loss:
Each person needs to realize how to forestall hair loss. Or then again, every person needs to stick to that it may be
conceivable—regardless of whether he isn’t especially stressed over losing his hair.
It’s consoling to realize that there’s some plan of action out there on the off chance that it ever gets awful up there.
There are numerous things you can do to slow or hair loss. In any case, what to do relies upon the motivation behind why you’re losing your hair that might be because of hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, stress or hairstyling product etc.

5. Banishes Dandruff:
Because of its enemy of parasitic and relieving properties, Rosemary is utilized as a delicate yet successful chemical that disposes of dandruff.
Include a couple of drops of the oil to your normal cleanser and conditioner to dispose of a dry scalp, chipping, and tingling.

6. Boosts Oral Health:
Experiencing morning breath significantly after you brush your teeth? Just rinse with it before going out and have superb breath throughout the day.
Brushing your teeth time and again can aggravate gums and open teeth to superfluous disturbance. Before you start enthusiastically brushing to free the smell of garlic or other undesirable nourishments, consider keeping rosemary basic oil at your work area to wash with as another option.

7. Boosts Memory:
In logical terms, there are various types of memory.
There’s memory – your encounters and what you realized at school. There’s a present memory, which is your working moment to-minute memory. Also, there’s future memory or “making sure to recall”.
Numerous speculations recommend various methods for improving memory or thinking all the more plainly.
One of those is the possibility that adding rosemary oil to your nourishment or water or in any event, taking in its fragrance, can give your mind a lift

8. Relieves Pain:
As a pain-relieving substance, it has been topically applied in glue or ointment for many years to the influenced region.

It is known to treat joint pain and muscle torments. One of the most famous employments of oil is for the treatment of headaches.

9. Removes Stress:
Stress influences all of us. You may see side effects of pressure while teaching your children, during active occasions grinding away, while dealing with your accounts, or when adapting to a difficult relationship.
Stress is all over the place. And keeping in mind that a little pressure is OK – some pressure is gainful – an excessive amount of pressure can wear you out and make you debilitated, both intellectually and truly.
Utilized in fragrant healing, Rosemary Oil diminishes feelings of anxiety and apprehensive strain, help mental movement, empower clearness and understanding, mitigate weakness, and bolster respiratory capacity.
It is utilized to improve sharpness, take out negative mind-sets, and increment the maintenance of data by upgrading focus.
The fragrance of Rosemary Essential Oil invigorates the craving and is likewise known to lessen the degree of hurtful pressure hormones that are discharged when included extreme encounters.

10. Boosts Immune System:
Your way of life can influence how well your invulnerable framework can shield you from germs, infections, and incessant sickness.
Supplanting terrible wellbeing propensities with great ones can help keep your resistant framework sound.
The familiar axiom, “An apple daily can ward the specialist off,” may have truth behind it all things considered. Eating feeding nourishments plentiful in specific nutrients can enable your insusceptible framework to fend off ailment.
With regards to shielding your body from ailments, cancer prevention agents are perhaps the greatest weapon.
Rosemary oil contains Mycenae, a concoction that goes about as an incredible cancer prevention agent and chases down free radicals that can harm your cells and cause various contaminations and sicknesses.

Our special extraction way : Supercritical CO2 Extraction to extract Perilla Seed Oil

1. Low critical temperature, suitable for extraction and purification of heat sensitive compound.
2. Being capable to provide insert environment to avoid oxidation of products and affection of effective content of extracts.
3. Fast extraction speed, no toxicity, non-flammable, safe application and no pollution upon environment.

4. No residue of solvent, no nitrate and ions of heavy metal.


Difference between Steam Distillation & Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Essential oils derived from the supercritical CO2 extraction of herbs are similar to the oils produced through distillation in that they can be used in aromatherapy and natural perfumery.

Oils derived from steam distillation vary in their qualities depending on the temperatures, pressures, and length of time applied for the process. The CO2 extraction process might thus produce higher quality oils that have not been altered by the application of high heat, unlike the steam distillation process. In CO2 extraction, none of the constituents of the oil are damaged by heat.

Thus, the difference between traditional distillation and supercritical extraction is that instead of heated water or steam, CO2 is used as a solvent in the latter method. The supercritical extraction process operates at temperatures between 35℃ to 50℃, whereas steam distillation operates at temperatures between 60℃to 100℃.

In steam distillation, the molecular composition of both the plant matter and the essential oil are changed due to the temperature applied. On the other hand, a CO2 extract is closer in chemical composition to the original plant from which it is derived, as it contains a wider range of the plant’s constituents.

For example, CO2 Extraction of German Chamomile flowers yields a green extract, because the absence of heat means it was not altered from its natural state or “denatured.” The resulting extract is thus more similar in composition to the original flower than the distilled essential oils is.

CO2 extracts are usually thicker than their essential oil counterparts and often give off more of the aroma of the natural herb, spice, or plant than a distilled essential oil. CO2 extracts have been said to contain more plant constituents than the amount extracted from the same plant using steam distillation.


·    Pressurized carbon dioxide becomes liquid while remaining in a gaseous state, which means it is now "supercritical." In this state, it is pumped into a chamber filled with plant matter.

·    Because of the liquid properties of the gas, the CO2 functions as a solvent on the natural plant matter, pulling the oils and other substances such as pigment and resin from the plant matter. The essential oil content then dissolves into the liquid CO2.

·    The CO2 is brought back to natural pressure and evaporates back into its gaseous state, while what is left is the resulting oil.


CO2 is colorless, odorless, and can be easily and completely removed by releasing the pressure in the extraction chamber. It is what we exhale and is needed by plants in order for them to thrive, which illustrates its harmlessness when employed in the extraction process. This absence of potentially harmful solvents in CO2 extraction means neither the human body nor the environment is polluted.


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